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What Is God Up To?

What is God up to?The leading question of man's existence is:  What is the purpose of God?  What is God up to?? 

Why did he create us?  Is this world central to God's purpose in creation or is it just an incidental and unimportant speck in His vast universe?  Is man the key to the meaning of what God is doing or just an insignificant feature of some great purpose beyond man's understanding?  Is God like us...are we like Him?  Can we find a purpose for our own lives without knowing God's purposes or can we live without purpose?  What is it all about??

The Christian religion is for and fits the world in which these kinds of questions occur and persist.  The Bible tells us that God is responsible for the origin of everything we see and know EXCEPT rebellion and sin -- Satan authored those two phenomenon.  So God has provided the means by which man can have victory over sin and rebellion and its consequences.  That, of course, is Good News!

The Bible tells us that before the first steps were taken to bring our universe into being, God knew that sin would enter into the world, so God had a plan to deal with the sin issue, a plan to reunite seeking sinners to Him.  God planned and instituted the condition of salvation which is made available to ALL mankind equally, not just a predetermined chosen few.  This plan was in God's mind before he even began the creation of the world we know.

God created man and clothed him in liberty; this liberty affords man the potential to reject God and His wisdom and purpose, or man can choose to be in harmony with God and continue in liberty when he chooses to respond and accept and live God's plan of salvation.

Our world is created in such a way that man must indeed become a "seeking sinner", seeking to find God through the revelation of nature and of written scripture.  By the very nature of this creation, God is hidden from man, leaving man free to make his own decision about his relationship with God.  No coercion, no pressure.  Just historical Bible facts which are validated by secular history that anyone can study to see that the Word of God is true.

The Bible tells us that the issue of sin is not the problem of this creation, but that this creation is involved in the solution of the sin issue.  Satan is the author of sin and rebellion and it began with his revolt against God before this creation came into being.

In your mind's eye, picture a confrontation between God and Satan..a confrontation which occurred after the rebellion of Satan but before the creation of our world.  This confrontation might have been something like the account of God and Satan as found in the book of Job in the Old Testament.  To set the scene we find the heavenly host gathered around God and Satan, Satan's allegation might have been: "The only difference between us is one of power.  You are simply stronger than I, not infinitely good as you claim.  The only difference between us is one of might.  Your pretense of eternal holiness, love and wisdom is a fraud.  Resistance to you is not evil as you say, but rather it is brave.  Actually, resistance to you is true liberty."

God's answer to Satan's allegation was the creation of our world.  God made something called space and time.  He sent His creative power swirling through it in energy and matter.  There were galaxies, nebulae and light years.  There was order and wonder and chance.  God touched human life into it, He said, "Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness."  Liberty was in the land and in the heart of mankind.  Man created free to make is own decision about the freely provided love of God or the manipulative, coersive force of Satan.  Each individual has the right, the obligation, to study and choose.

God's wisdom, His holiness and His love are made manifest here in His eternal purpose in His only begotten Son.  God created mankind as free beings, who can choose between good and evil, between God and Satan.  God created His church, whose head is Christ, where man can abide where God's love abides, in His church.

Therefore, the answer to "what is God up to" is that God provides each of us the way, if we choose it, to be reconciled to Him.  God, in this Christian age, does not appear personally to an individual to whisper in his ear the path he should choose.  If God was operating that way, then the persons to whom He does NOT appear would certainly have a valid case against God as to His predilection for favoritism, or in today's parlance - That's Not Fair!!  Reconciliation with God is available to anyone who seeks His wisdom, who studies diligently, who repents and chooses to abide where God's love is, in His Church.