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"So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many;"

Hebrews 9:28Hebrews 9:28

In verse 26 of this chapter,  the writer speaks of the one who came upon the completion of the ages to cancel sin through His sacrifice.

At His first arrival there were many who didn't see Him or simply refused to acknowledge him.  Many today do not acknowledge His first arrival.

But back to our text.  There is a brief review here of what has already been said in this context. 

Big NEWS. "He will appear the second time"  Please note that "appear" is in the passive voice.  What does that mean?  It means that it is not Him who makes an appearance but it is the one who moves to where they can see him.

We remember that there is a stop sign 10 miles away. Can we see it? No.  Not yet.  We get closer.  Now just five miles away.  Can we see it? No. Finally we get within 100 yards of it.  Can we see it? YES.  Who or what moved?   We did, not the sign.  The sign represents the Christ.  We finally come to where we can see Him! We are the expectant ones.  That is a basis for HOPE!

An additional thought here.  "...Without sin unto salvation." The "unto" should be "into."   This time by the choice of the observer one moves into salvation permanently.  This is for those moving at death to those looking and expecting.

What a way to live the Christian life!   Regardless of age. Will you see Christ the second time?  Are you expecting to see Him as you move through death to where He is?

It is up to you...

Compare I Peter 1:7-9.