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Colossians Episode 11

Taking charge of our Personal Responsibilities, Attitude and our Self Management

Personal responsibilities.

There is a real need for a revival in this arena of life. It's covered under the second law: "Mind Your Own Business." See HERE

Also see: I Thessalonians 4:11.

  • "Mind" and/or "do" - this means to practice and make it habitual. Put your mind to making your responsibilities a habit.
  • Don't get into other people's stuff or person. Stick to doing your own thing.
  • Master your own stuff and your own life! It is your personal responsibility!!!
  • Identify your responsibilities. Focus on them. Fulfill those responsibilities that are yours. Not anyone else's.


"You take care of me." Sounds like my dog!

There are times when we might need someone else. This must be kept at a bare minimum. I have had so many opportunities in life because of someone else.

But keep in mind the necessity of being self-reliant in all matters of life. We are not to be dependent on others.

Self Management

What has happened to self-management? The management of life, of our personal life, is no easy task.

It’s so much easier to mind someone else's business than our own.

Ever hear of a "busybody." Of course you've never seen one or heard of one but they do exist!!!

Check out 2 Thessalonians 3:11.

This includes those who meddle or are overly curious about someone else's business.

Look also at I Pet. 4:15.

Here we have a little different word but it includes those who are self-appointed inspectors over other people's lives. I've known a few folks like that.
This usually amounts to just an escape from personal responsibilities. Minding other people's business is the best excuse ever invented to flake out on your own personal responsibilities.

The government specializes in minding everyone’s' business but their own.


Bringing your self under control. "Temperance" means self-control.

See Galatians 5:22

Lets Get Into This Lesson

To the Saints who are in Christ...(Colossians 1:2).

In some ways..."In Christ" is like a laboratory - a place equipped for an organized activity in a field of study and exploration that should be for the benefit of all...The idea from Webster’s Dictionary

So we step inside the laboratory. The clean room! There is a sense of awe as those working here are in a state of commitment and seriousness about what they are doing.

This is why the first thing we notice is that it is a place of prayer.

Our first responsibility is to stay IN prayer.

Verses 2, 3, 4 deal with the phrase “To Continue In Prayer”

Prayer is a noun. Not a verb. A disposition/position. In is the first word of the sentence in the original. It is the emphasis of the sentence. This sentence begins with a big "in."

If one is in Christ, one is in prayerThere is the sphere of prayer... the laboratory of commitment and seriousness about the mission of God.
Even though Jesus is addressing those under the Mosaic Law, notice the point He makes here (Matthew 21:13).
Continue: to be strong or firm toward anything. No looking to escape.
Prayer is in this usage: The vow keepers.
"Pros-ukay" is a word that prayer is translated from. It breaks down this way:

  • "Pros": is a preposition meaning "toward."
  • "Ukay": is a noun meaning "vow." See the use and translation in Acts 18:18; 21:23.
  • This compound word means a committment/vow toward someone or something.Continue with strength in your state of commitment. This is the laboratory of prayer.

Saints are to be a people commitment. Strong as steel in their commitment.
Daniel 6:4-11, 20 Daniel's example of a strong commitment to be loyal and true to Jehovah and in the state of prayer found it easy to pray even in the threat of his life.
"Continue" is an essential for any success.

Verse 2: When it comes to prayer…

  • Keep alert! You are in the right place. Don't go to sleep because of where you are!!! You are in the laboratory of research and committment.
  • Be grateful. Grateful people tend to be the happy and healthy people.

Now we have a verb of action to take place in the laboratory of prayer!!!

Verse 3 and 4: Pray specifically

Such as:

  • Open doors for the Word. Specifically Paul and Timothy. What a need to pray for this in the general sense.
  • What's missing in this request?
    No request to guide and direct "them" to me so I don't have to be proactive.
    Make my life easy, rich, popular.
  • Those "others" should work, I'll supervise.
  • Opportunities to speak. The ideas of God can only be expressed with words. God does not do this unilaterally.
  • Wisdom to speak clearly. Tough issues need clarification.

How often, if ever, do you pray for your minister to speak out?

To speak out for truth? Or, do you prefer to have your ears tickled?

It is your responsibility to be and firmly planted in prayer. That is not the end in itself... In prayer, in the laboratory, one must then stay focused, keep committed in praying. Not only praying in the laboratory of prayer, but also one must walk in the consciousness of being in God's laboratory as outsiders see it.


Here is a responsibility toward OUTSIDERS!!!

A keen sense of awareness of those outside.

Is no one an outsider anymore? Falsehood is addictive. Some show more affection toward the ones in falsehood than they do those who are in truth.

Falsehood is addictive because it can control us. It's easy to believe and perpetuate a lie - It's hard to stand firm and constant in truth!

This Must mean something!!! The apostle put it here!!!

With God's standard, make the distinction!!!

Some folks get overwhelmed in life with sin and foolishness!

Empty-headedness. That is what foolishness means, like it or not!

Those who are overcome with sin in their lives, those sins that take over rational thinking, become most vulnerable to satanic influence.

Satan takes advantage of the feeble-minded. He is the master of deceit. They can become entrapped in emotionalism.

So, the admonition: "Walk in wisdom." Not in warm, fuzzy feelings.

See Colossians 1:9-12; James 1:5; Here are some ideas about wisdom:

  • 3:17 - Get in touch with God
  • 13-17
  • "pure" no self-motive
  • "peaceable" solution oriented
  • "gentle" tamed conduct - domesticated.
  • "mercy" useful as to how we look at others.

We believe that the Scriptures are from God. They are from God to identify for us how we must think and what our responsibilities to Him and to one another are.

The evidence rests that "God is Faithful." Hebrews 11:11.

Do you believe that? Learn from Sarah! Learn from Abraham!

God is not ashamed to be the God of those in Faith! Imagine. God is not ashamed of man who believes God...Hebrews 11:16.

These are traits that can be seen!!!

Toward outsiders - always on trial (I Thessalonians 4:12).

Optimizing opportunities toward all outsiders as opportunities present themselves.

Time is the one thing we all have the same amount of.

  • Forget time when dinner is in the oven and you soon will see how important time is.
  • I have forgotten the boiling eggs on the stove!
  • Too much time and they have boiled dry and severely burned! They smelled like a burned-out transformer.
  • Miss a couple of house or car payments and time takes on a new meaning.

We can never recover lost time. Ephesians 5:15-16 "Make the most of every opportunity." Don't forget your medications!

Continuing in the laboratory of prayer and walking in the laboratory of wisdom there is now then the responsibility to speak accordingly in the laboratory. Our speech is to be in harmony with where we are.

This is the holistic view!


Always as an insider where the Grace of God is!!!

The purpose of a language is to communicate ideas. God has provided the thoughts to be thought. We learn this from the revealed and confirmed Word, the Bible.

He has made man in His image with the capacity of learning and understanding and responding to those thoughts.

Most theology is designed to make you helpless or at least make you think you are helpless! That is how they get control of you. "Gird up your loins like a man." That doesn't sound like God wants you helpless! You must MASTER IT!!!

The shame that is brought to the gospel when predictions are made as coming from the Bible when in fact they are not from the Bible. The so-called "rapture" that was predicted for May 21, 2011 was fraudulent no matter how many folks think that God spoke to them...unless you all sitting here are just an illusion.

Acts 5:29-42 Rational thought...reasonable.

God not only expects us to use rational thought in solving LIFE'S issues, but He also expects us to know the language of the Scriptures. Words like trinity, rapture, sinner's prayer, etc...none of those words are found in the Bible. The ideas of those words are not found there either.

See Judges 12:5,6

Add flavor to your speech...graciousness/charm

The words we use can make a difference! A big difference. Be articulate. Be precise, succinct.

Prepare your responses...don't wing it nor shoot from the hip. It Won't cut it! Occasionally one may pull off a hip shot, but that isn't the way to bet. Think before you speak. Scrambled thinking will result in scrambled speech. To unscramble an egg is a tough mission. To restore it to the designed order is nearly impossible.

Our Conclusion about our

  • No one can keep you in the laboratory of prayer but YOU. It is your responsibility. Individually and corporately. A laboratory of committed and serious folks! Truth and action oriented. Corporately we are only as strong as our weakest member.
  • Walk - live your life in His laboratory from the knowledge learned from the Word to make the right distinctions. All of life is comprised of decision making ad-infinitum.
    Learning the right thing, practicing the right thing, doing the right thing - alway the next right thing. That is what people see. People want and need to see substance to your life. That, too, is YOUR on-going responsibility!!! It is hard to walk if your feet aren't on the ground!!!
    Religious "nonsense" de-anchors stability and solidity. Floating around in la-la land. "Nonsense" = NO sense; foolish, emptyheaded.
  • And yes,...Your speech matters. Put some graciousness in to it. It reveals your spirit. It reveals where you really are and how you are living your life. "For out of the heart, the mouth speaketh..." (Luke 6:45).

On-going...How are you doing in these three responsibilities?

Do you sense the "awe" of being in God's place?