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Colossians Episode 2

A necessary review of lesson #1:  This letter is addressed to the saints at Colosse. Living recipients.

Saints - those participating in and revealing the very nature and character of God. These are the folks who are in business with God. These are God-governed people. The words "saint" and "holy" are from the same Greek word as is the word "sanctify" which is the process.

Paul is addressing those alive and well in the Colosse church.

Are you a saint? Are you known as a saint? Do your neighbors know you as a saint? How about your boss?

How about your spouse? Your children?

You cannot be a saint to one and not the other!!! You either are or you are not. Period. There is a lot to learn about this subject.

This letter is addressed to Faithful Brethren.

Faithful brethren: Those with a common origin. All begotten by the Word of Truth. James 1:18

Those begotten through the Word have the same things in common as all others begotten by the Word. It is the only seed that can be verified as from God.

These Brethren could be counted on...year-after-year. Consistent. They were faithful. Now that is about the most precious matter in life. Faithful. I won't let you down. I won't let God down. I will be there. In persecution I will be there.

Now we come to the heart of the essentials of Colossians.

Brace yourselves. It will stretch your mind...into the right shape!

PROP: Consider with me Two matters related to "In Christ."


The preposition "in" is positional. It represents in some way a place. It is a place where the saints and faithful brethren are. I am in my know what I mean.
Let me illustrate: Can you see this? This is a big, clear glass cookie jar. Now it is filled nearly with peppermint candies. You are all welcome to participate after the lesson - with one each! That includes the children!
For the sake of this study, the JAR represents Jesus Christ. So, who is the jar? Got it?
Now then "Christ" is a noun, a proper noun. From this point on it may more be referred to as a pronoun such as: "In Him" or "in Whom." This will be a test of your memory.
We must ponder these two Passages: I John. 5:11
Where is eternal life found? Can you have eternal life if you are not where the life is? Where is it? You got it!
The preposition "into" is a process or act of changing positions or state of being. I am getting "into" my car.
If I'm already in the car I don't say I'm getting into it. You are one smart audience! Got it?
How do one get INTO the Jar?...Gal. 3:27 How many degrees do you have to have to not understand that?
There is NO other way into the Jar.
"In Christ" is positional. Are you in the Jar? Are you where Christ is?


What and whom do we find in the Jar?
Paul will be adding several things for our consideration later on in these first two chapters of Colossians.
But, lets NOT jump ahead of the Apostle.
Verse two gets us started with the premise.
We find Saints in the Jar. They are the mints!
NO saints outside the Jar. All in the Jar ARE saints. Where are you? In the jar or outside? There is only one way "into." Have you come that way?

We find Faithful Brethren in the Jar. That is where they have to be, right?

Is that where you want to be?...
with the saints and the faithful brethren?

Jude 1- 3 Look at this carefully:

"Jude, the servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James, to the (ones) IN God the Father, that ARE loved." (the word sanctified is not there) This is the same word that is found in the beginning of verse 3, "beloved."

Notice this that if you are in Christ where eternal life is you are also where God is.

2 Cor. 6:16..."

...I will dwell among them and walk among them." Note the context.

Notice also that in v. 3 those are called "beloved." Now that has a nice ring to it. Those in the Jar are beloved. You are beloved because you are in the Jar!!!

"...Keep yourselves in the love of God." Where?


"In Christ" is: A. Postiional B. Occupiable
It is the place to be. Now.

All can be in the same place as there is only "one Lord." It is the only place to be.