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Colossians Episode 4

The possibility.  It is possible to know what and how God thinks.  Why?  Because we were all created with the ability to think as God thinks.

Some Review of previous lessons: What are saints? Participants in God's character and nature.

Who are the faithful? Those consistent year after year.

What is the key to the book? "In Christ" we illustrate his with: The Jar.

Where are the saints and the faithful?...In the Jar!...In Christ.

If you remove yourself from the “jar,” or, if you are a part of hat which is in opposition to the jar, WHAT THEN? Can you share in its destiny? It matters WHAT you are in and it matters that you stay put in the jar to participate in its destiny.

Would the saints and faithful be saints and faithful OUTSIDE The “jar?” Which came first – the saints and faithful or the “Jar?”

Now then we need to wrap our minds around this! It is the beginning of getting the essential doctrines in agreement with God...

Now for just a bit some pick-up on the verses leading to where we will be today...

  • Verse 5. The truth is expressed in WORDS not feelings nor experiences. So lets get up to speed...
  • Verse 6 The word of truth had come into their body. "You" is a plural or corporate pronoun. It had come into them as a group - not just passed over! They had heard it! Behold that!
  • Verse 6 The Word of truth had expanded everywhere. Bearing fruit wherever it went. In lives and in numbers. That is the nature of the Pure Word. After all it has the life of God in it. The Grace of God IN truth. Now that is novel. The Grace of God is not separate from truth. It is the provision of God to all of mankind equally and revealed in the Word of Truth.
  • Verse 7 The Colossian church had learned the exact message from the Apostolic representative, Epaphras. He likely founded this congregation.
    Epaphras had been faithful with his teaching to the truth. He needed some help. So often faithful preachers and teachers need help.
  • Verse 8 Epaphras had reported their deep love. From the depths of their spirit. Not mush. Deep and a love with substance. A part of their nature! "Their" refers to the Lord's church in Colossae.
  • Verse 9 That report had motivated Paul. What does it take to motivate you? He got right on it! No procrastination. That is rare...and He kept on it...that is even rarer! "Do not weary of well-doing"

Now to the text in Colossians 1: 9,10

Just what do you think of God's will?

  • I don't think of it at all.
  • Too restrictive? Who told you that?
  • Too overwhelming? How did you get to that conclusion?

PROPOSITION: In this lesson we will look at the privilege and the purpose of KNOWING God's will.


The possibility.

It is possible to know what and how God thinks. Why? Because we were all created with the ability to think as God thinks. Method not amount!

We are ideological beings. We have ideas! Like God. How could it be otherwise? We are in His image. We are creative thinkers.

Isaiah 55:8,9 It wouldn't even be addressed if it were NOT possible.

Romans 1:20 Some aspects are so obvious that the Bible says that there is NO excuse for not knowing some things about God. It is good to open one's eyes to such matters.

Our text is illustrating that the Will of God comes truly through the revelation of His Word.

Look at the goal... "you may be filled"

"You" is corporate. Meaning = you as the church and as saints. The church as a whole is to be full of the knowledge of God. Full. That makes a MATURE church.

Now there is a rare church!

"Filled" When we fill up a ditch or hole, we bring it all up to ground level - where it ought to be. The idea is to make level, equal.

Another idea to help understand "filled" is to look at my office. It is empty...just a room. It is there. Can't really do anything yet. This word means to furnish a room so that it will be useful.

We have the capability. We have the capacity. How we evaluate God’s will... will determine whether we can be filled or not. The knowledge of His will is a most precious possession.

When we be filled we be complete. No gaps. We be Jivin’!

Looking at the wisdom and understanding...!

Wisdom. Mental excellence enabling one to make accurate distinctions.

Understanding. A mental putting together. Getting and putting God's thoughts together rather than attempting to blend opposing views. This is syncretism.

Isaiah 28:10


The BIG "so that". God's privileges are to enable purposes. Many folks crave God's privileges without any responsibility... like an entitlement.

That is not the way it works. You can take that to the bank.

The purpose is so that we will know how to live right! To live right is to live according to God’s Will, Plan and Purpose EVERY DAY!

Think right. Day after day.

This is a knowledge that can be lived. Is that why we avoid knowing? We kinda know it. Somehow if I don't know God's will, I'll be OK. Ignorance is bliss.

Don't count on it!

Now notice the motive. To please Him...

Where it's convenient?

That is not how it is. "To please Him in all respects."

A dog that desires to please its master is easy to train. Not much hope for cats…

Now notice what the purpose practiced produces. Fruit

Fruit is the way of multiplication. Most fruit has in it the seed to reproduce itself. That may well be the test of the fruit here in our text. Everything produces if valid. Every good work accomplishes its intent. Not just the doing but first having been filled with the knowledge of His Will.

Then we can sit back and just ride, right?

"Increasing in the knowledge of God." KEEP ON LEARNING ABOUT GOD.

Vegetating is OUT! Increasing NOT decreasing or being Static. DO NOT BE A LUMP.


Qualified to share in the inheritance of the saints IN light.

Light is knowledge. Darkness is ignorance

Of all created beings only man has the capacity for knowing God's will. What a privilege it is.

What a difference it makes in life. There is a purpose. Don't side-step the purpose of God's will in life.

Learn of God's will. That why it has been given to us in His Inspired Word. Take it to heart. Make it the governing influence in your will do us all good.