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Colossians Episode 5

DO YOU TAKE GOD SERIOUSLY? Knowing God's will is the most beneficial knowledge in the world.  That is what we're talking about in today's lesson.

We begin this lesson by asking, Who do YOU take seriously? Whose words make a difference in your decision making? Whose ideals stretch you to be your best in all aspects of life?

What are the possibilities?

  • Kin folks? Husband or wife? Children, parents? They can be fine folks and have a desire to excel.
    Is it just the past? "I've always believed that..." Really? You mean that you learned nothing in the past 40 years that gave you a truer perspective? No wonder we are in the mess we are in. Why bother learning anything?
  • How about the church you were born in? Is that the basis for your thinking and decision making? With all the different beliefs, we can all be wrong but we cannot all be right. Truth is always consistent with all else that is true. We are made for truth.
  • What about the government officials? Have they got it all right and true? Have the government schools got it all right and true? Don't count on it.

To get to the highest purpose and intent of human life, we go to the giver of that life. The giver of life is God. Those who believe that everything has come from nothing are making a leap not substantiated by anything real.

So, we come to this: Knowing God's will is the most beneficial knowledge in the world (Proverbs 1:7). In His will is found the best of all for mankind. All the human potential is seen in His will. His will contains nothing harmful or detrimental for us...nothing to shy away from nor to be afraid of.

It can be known only by the inspired Word of God....and that is what the Bible is. We can all know it AND we can all know it alike...It will take some work and a clearing of intellectual cobwebs! That is our aim. Is it yours? DO YOU TAKE GOD SERIOUSLY?

PROPOSITION: What will knowing the will of God affect in my life if I take it seriously?


That is what "walk" means. How we live our lives. It is the directional motion we have taken in life.

Everyone is going somewhere as they live out their life.

Now to Christians (saints) in the Ephesian church, Paul writes (Ephesians 4:1) "...Walk in a manner worthy of the calling..." Their vocation as a Christian. Bring

HOW you live into agreement with What you are as a saint. An awesome responsibility!

I Thessalonians 2:12

"Worthy" means to be equal to object; becoming equal to.

Your life will be like your belief about God!!!

Do you see why Christians are to be the best neighbors and the best people on earth? They live altogether as in keeping with God's will. They desire to see people as God sees them. We look at life the way God looks at life.


Desire to go "into" all pleasing. Pleasing is a noun. Like a place. It is a place that encompasses all that pleases God. We move (walk) into that place entirely!...

What a concept of how and why to live! Are you there?

Application: John 3:28-30

What a way to look at ministry!.

God can be pleased with your life. I Thessalonians 4:1

Excel in pleasing God! No regrets at the end of life. What an epitaph! "He lived to please God"


Still in verse 10. Don't slide through it. Lets stick around in it a bit longer. OK? Spend some time in Hebrews 6:7-12.

Labor and energy that produces something useful is work. Not just exertion of effort. Just working up a sweat isn't necessarily work. It doesn't become "work" until something is accomplished that is worthwhile.

We've all known folks who are always "busy." But seldom is anything really accomplished. Here and there. Everywhere, going and coming, But! very little is ever accomplished that is worthwhile, edifying or even necessary. Could we call this a waste of time? Are we to be held accountable?

"Fruitful" is producing what can reproduce itself. That is what fruit does. This is what makes our work count.

Example: Each one teach one; then the taught one teaches, and soon...guess what?

"Redeeming the time." Regard it as precious. Even our rest should have a purpose.


Take a look at this one: Hebrews 5:11-14

We cannot be complacent about learning.

We are instructed here to NEVER quit learning the right stuff.

Then and only then will we have a properly instructed conscience.


What will taking God seriously affect?

  • It will affect our WAY of life...How we live our lives.
  • It will affect our motives and attitudes toward pleasing God.
  • It will affect what we do with our time and energy.
  • It will affect our minds and instruct our conscience.

Why strengthened? Verse 11 "In all capability" (literal)

Empowered according to the might of His Glory.

Recognizing God and His will within our sufficient capacity empowers the participant to enter and remain in all endurance and longsuffering and joy.

In the midst of hard times. Do you believe it?

Glory means recognition. Recognizing God is "His glory." When God recognizes us it is our glory.

Strengthened to make it through all opposition, every hardship. We have the capability; knowing and being in harmony with the will of God gives us the strength.

Brings us into the attainment of:

Steadfastness, the sphere of...

Patience, the sphere of...

Prevailing Joy in it all.