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Colossians Episode 8

How we dream of our children!  If only they were puppets.  We don’t say that but that is what we think!  If only I could pull their strings!  Little robots.  That is how I would like it!  Really?  Is that how we see a dream child?

Dream children: The robot syndrome. The puppet

How we dream of our children! If only they were puppets. We don’t say that but that is what we think! If only I could pull their strings! Little robots. That is how I would like it! Really? Is that how we see a dream child?

Would you really put their freedom to choose at risk? Would we then neglect the need and the ability of the children to begin making smart choices early in life? Do we really want to pull the strings? Do we want our children to be dependent or independent? How ought they to be?

Could this be the origin of where in later life we want God to pull the strings for us? Is this the way we get God to be responsible for our misdeeds?


“Let the Word dwell among you richly" - Colossians 3:16

It is to dwell among the church folks.

“ word or deed, say and do in the Name of the Lord." - Colossians 3:17

  • "In the Name" is in the description of the Lord, the nature and character of Him who is in The Jar.
  • “Name” is the full disclosure of what one is. “My Name shall be there.” “My fullness.” “In the Lord.”

We have the standard (The Word) and the attitude (an attitude of thanksgiving) for a base (foundation) upon which all of life can be built. Building life upon a rock of truth and discipline.

Firm in any storm of life.

Our text is directed to the children. In this passage they are old enough to hear, pay attention, and act on what they hear. It now becomes their responsibility. - They can do it!

Parents must not expect out-of-reach stuff for the children. No more than God does of us.

What the children are being instructed in and taught to obey must correspond to their capability and talent. That is why the home is supreme! That is why it is under attack.

The next generation is in for some hard times.

The consistent survivors will be connected families! So, we build those connected families with the formula brought to us by inspiration. - 2Timothy 3:16

In the building of connected families "In the Lord" we need a wife and a husband - which are the subjects of the previous lessons.

Now, it is time to discuss the children of those parents "In the Jar." ("In the Jar" is a visual from earlier lessons) "In Christ," "In the Lord” are the expressions denoting a Place where we can be.

PROPOSITION: Consider with us four questions about our text of the children's responsibility to be obedient to their parents.


Romans 1:5; 5:19; Hebrews 5:8

It is obvious. The obeying one must first hear. Not the sounds only but the intent of the sounds. “Did you hear me?” “Yes, I heard you!” “Did you do it?”

The word "obedient" means to hear, to listen and as a result to obey/respond in agreement with what was said. It means to hear with the intent to respond in obedience!

Eve heard and did the opposite. “Thou shalt not…”

Psalms 101:1, 2 - Where it must begin.

It begins with dad. It begins with an example. The easiest specific is giving. They see you practice it and then the children are instructed to do so. It becomes a habit.

Proverbs 22:6 The training.

A deliberate function of parent. Over and over until it is right! It begins with an example. Then training in the particulars.

Acts 10:2 The result. No training; no positive results

Connected Families!

The children tend to follow the practicing example of the parents. How is that? If they listen to the Word and then obviously obey it, the children will tend to do that with their parents.

They take the Word seriously! It shows!

It is most difficult where there is no example from the parents.


So important = a choice is made. A selection. Be careful of the influence of TV, etc.

It is exclusionary. Normally, it is everyone and anyone outside the parents and outside the "jar."

Disobedience is the spirit of rebellion - I Samuel 15:22-23

You hear your teacher; you obey your parents. You learn from life; you obey your parents. Obey? Hear with the intent to follow through and do it.

What an awesome responsibility parents have. Not frivolous and not impossible.


"In all respects." "In the Lord," parents are thoughtful and quiet and kind with the children. Volume of voice does not equate to some level of obedience!

Not a smorgasbord. not fragmented. Not pick and choose.

To the satisfying of the parent’s longings. In a manner that satisfies the parent – not just enough to get by.

"In the Lord" - as in harmony with the nature of God as found and witnessed "in the Jar."


Philippians 4:8 - Well-pleasing, acceptable

To develop a consciousness of God. What pleases Him?

Expands the capacity for faith. The children begin to think about

God in the picture. “Does this please Him?” “Does it please the folks around me?” There must be some idea about God.

For what reason?…

Because of where your parents are..."in the Lord."

Verses 18 and 20 are the same: "In the Lord."

This is what pleases God “In the Jar.”


With connected families, we have no cave-dwellers.

What are The Dream Children? Not the robots, not the puppets –

But, those children who are free to make mistakes and learn the consequences of those mistakes. But also, those who are trained and listen for obedience and to satisfy the parent and be well-pleasing in Him and all those “in Him.”

Now that is the Dream Child!

It only takes committed parents.