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A World View

Can I Understand God This Side of Eden?

1. Before the sin in Eden and after the sin in Eden, man and God understood each other. The sin in the Garden of Eden resulted in the loss of access to the tree of life (Genesis 3:22-24). It did not alter the one matter essential for a return to God. That one thing is language. Language upon which reason is built. Language continued after Eden as it had before. Man continued to be capable of understanding exactly what God said and meant (Genesis chapters 1-3).  

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Who is Jesus

Who is this Jesus? Who is this, who by His appearance, displays the wonderful and matchless love of His Father and at the same time satisfies the righteousness and justice of the Father?

Who was Jesus while He was on this earth? The Bible teaches that while Jesus was on earth He developed the same traits and the same character as His heavenly Father and was committed to the mission and purpose of His Father. We often see children who have developed the same traits and the same character as their parents, so it was with Jesus.

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What Is God Up To?

What is God up to?The leading question of man's existence is:  What is the purpose of God?  What is God up to?? 

Why did he create us?  Is this world central to God's purpose in creation or is it just an incidental and unimportant speck in His vast universe?  Is man the key to the meaning of what God is doing or just an insignificant feature of some great purpose beyond man's understanding?  Is God like us...are we like Him?  Can we find a purpose for our own lives without knowing God's purposes or can we live without purpose?  What is it all about??

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How on earth can we all get along?

How On Earth Can We Get Along?
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If you haven't noticed, there are a lot of us.  There are many different beliefs, cultures, life styles and value systems.  There are differences in education, social status, wealth and skill.  And the list goes on.

As a believer in an intelligent and personal origin of all that exists and working in a secular environment, I pondered on how can I get along where most everything around me is contrary to what I believe?

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