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Because it was worth writing, it is worth our reading it and understanding it.  We ought not avoid it's content.  This letter was written by Paul "through" the will of God NOT "by." God is in this thing.  IMPORTANT...Not just some letter.  Paul NOT shooting from the hip.



Colossians Episode 1

Some Background. This city had been around for awhile. It was a thriving, ancient city in modern Turkey. It had a history longer than any city in America. Imagine a history of 500 years. So, it had history.

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Colossians Episode 7

We are working on the foundational ideas from the Book of Colossians.  This lesson deals with Connected Families.

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Colossians Episode 8

How we dream of our children!  If only they were puppets.  We don’t say that but that is what we think!  If only I could pull their strings!  Little robots.  That is how I would like it!  Really?  Is that how we see a dream child?

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Colossians Episode 3

Review the Jar - What or Who is it? Who is in it? The first words with someone can determine the outcome of the encounter.

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Colossians Episode 4

The possibility.  It is possible to know what and how God thinks.  Why?  Because we were all created with the ability to think as God thinks.

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Colossians Episode 5

DO YOU TAKE GOD SERIOUSLY? Knowing God's will is the most beneficial knowledge in the world.  That is what we're talking about in today's lesson.

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