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The Revelations SeriesMany people think The Book of Revelation describes the End of the World in gruesome detail. 

I ask you to consider that everything there has already been fulfilled! Listen to my reasoning...


These audio recordings were captured live during our 6pm Thursday Night Bible Study which is broadcast online on Talkshoe - an online audio discussion website.  You can join us there, listen to the recordings on this website, or join us in person at Coolidge Christian Church.

Revelation: Episode 1

Introducing a book that was intended to be understood by those to whom it was sent. The correct approach to a study of The Revelation.

Revelation: Episode 2

Evidence that this book deals with those matters that were about to take place about 2,000 years ago!

Revelation: Episode 3

The Revelation was written prior to the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD - not in 96 AD as generally thought.

Revelation: Episode 4

The rapture was limited to the Apostles of Christ and submitted as an evidence of the necessity of an early writing of The Revelation.

Revelation: Episode 5

How the book pulls from the Old Testament to evidence the event that it is all about.

Revelation: Episode 6

How Jesus viewed the purpose and timing of His "own coming" and what the bible teaches about the "last days"...the last days of what?

Revelation: Episode 7

What do Sir Isaac Newton, Robert Young, and Philip Schaff ALL have in common? 

Revelation: Episode 8

John writes a deliverable letter to each of seven churches in Asia.


Revelation: Episode 10

Calls attention to His coming and where the folks who see Him still live when they see Him.  Revelation 1:7,8.