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6:00 PM

Coolidge Christian Church

Welcome to Coolidge Christian Church


Are you looking for more in your life? 

Not more "things," but the "more" that you know in your heart is out there, but you can't quite find? 

Come visit Coolidge Christian Church

Coolidge Christian Church

We're devoted to the enrichment of life and we welcome you to come learn with us.  You'll find a warm and friendly group of people who know exactly what you're looking for, because we've been there, too. 

Now we're focused on uncovering that "more" to life through adventures in Bible explorations. 

Coolidge Christian is The "How To" Church

We'll help you discover:

  • How to live with purpose and hope
  • How to get more healthy in mind and body
  • How to get along with everyone in a complex world
  • How to understand the beauty and unity of scripture
  • How to accept human capability and responsibility

Please come join us this Sunday.  We know you'll be happy you did